Friday, September 26, 2014

6 Android Apps Every Christian should have in their Phones

            Let's admit it, we rely so much on our phones today that we must have it on our reach all the time. They no longer just serve the purpose of being  communication tools but they do more than we could have ever imagined 10 years ago. Aside from the wireless freedom in communication it offers, smartphones have internet access which opens the doors to limitless ways on how we can use our phones in entertainment, education, leisure, health, work, accessibility and a lot more in the different android applications or apps.
          As Christians, how are we making use of this technology?
           I believe that everything that could help us in our walk with God including apps should be used. So, I listed here six free android applications that shows that faith and technology are hand-in-hand in keeping us closer to God.

1. Holy Bible (NIV) by Solvus Lab
             Every disciple should have a Bible app in their phones. I have been using this app for a year now and I like that it is very easy to navigate and it works offline. You can bookmark pages, highlight verses, save favorite Scriptures and share Scriptures through SMS (text message) and social media sites. Sad thing is, the NIV (New International Version) is no longer available in the app store. Other Bible versions of the app by the same developer are still available. But if you really want a NIV Bible in your phone, you could try other apps like New International Version by BestApps World or the NIV Bible by Naitech (both work offline).

2. LiveBible-free Bible by
            This is another Bible app that I use. I use it as a reference since I could download modern translations of the Bible through it and could be read offline. You can make notes, share verses through SMS and social media sites, highlight Scriptures and it provides a Bible Reading Plan.

3. Holy Bible Dictionary by movin'App
             It is a good and simple reference tool when you are studying the Bible. It has encyclopedia and dictionary entries and it totally works offline. You can also share entries through SMS and social media/email.

4. Prayer Popper by Compass & Harbor and PrayerMate by Andy Geers

             The two apps basically have the same functions so I placed them both in same slot. They both help in being on top of our prayers. The Prayer Popper features prayer list and it gives you a pop to remind you when it's time to pray.  You can also mark prayers as "answered" and schedule popping for prayer concerns daily or on a specific day of the week. PrayerMate almost have the same features with Prayer Popper except that it is more advanced, like categories, lists, etc. If you want it fast, easy and no hassles, go with Prayer Popper but if you prefer your prayer concerns to be organized, then go with PrayerMate.

5. Habitizer. Habit Organizer by Applied Systems Ltd.

This app is not really a Christian app but it can be used to develop Godly habits. The Habitizer helps you build new healthy habits and start keeping a high quality of life. It reminds you of your goal and monitors your progress. What's great about this, aside from getting a healthy lifestyle, is that you can  program it to help you develop Godly habits, like being consistent in prayer times, Bible reading, quiet times or devotionals.

6.  Jorte Calendar & Organizer by Jorte Inc.

                If you are really serious about your faith, then you're a busy disciple. Christians need an organizer to assist them to be on top of their priorities. Your phone should do that for you and remind you of your church activities, counselling sessions, Bible studies, discipling times, spend times, family times, evangelism, meetings, birthdays, etc. You can customize the look of your calendar. It can also import national holidays of your country to your calendar and  counts down to important events.

                 All of the apps are available at the Google playstore and there are more Christian apps there that could suit your taste. I hope the list helps you in being more faithful to God. Remember that technology is awesome but nothing beats the Bible.

To God Be the Glory! <3 


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